In the direction of providing opportunities to young people in the region to familiarize with the action of international civil society and participate in some of the dozens of conferences, Erasmus+ mobility programs and mobility programs in general held internationally connected to the thematic pillars of our association, The Network of Youth Engagement develops relevant partnerships and promotes actions which aim to enhance youth mobility.

Based on the principles of non-formal education and peer to peer learning, these actions give the opportunity to our members to travel abroad, interact with young people from different countries who are active in the field and develop skills in a multicultural environment which is beneficial for themselves and their collective presence in the local community.

Thence, educational activities are planned and implemented in furtherance of the familiarization to the concept of youth mobility to the members of our association and to young citizens of our region, who are interested in general. The Network of Youth Engagement provides support during the applying, preparation, implementation and follow up phase. Besides that, we are interested in implementing mobility and voluntary programs in our region.