The Youth Consultation on City Branding is an action to identify strategic development proposals for the city branding and it took place in Katerini on March 23, 2019.

Participants aged 16 - 30 have been part of the project either individually or representing Pierias’ region cultural associations and through discussions on roundtables discussed issues related to urban renewal in the direction of creating a new image, a new brand for the local community, which will be so powerful and it will be reflected in the consciousness of the citizens.

The young people expressed their ideas and suggestions during the discussion in which there was the presence of members of a Scientific Committee who submitted their own thoughts on the following topics:

1. Marketing and Branding as a Tool for the Development of the Cities of Pieria (architecture, urban design, communication design, logo design)

2. Participatory Design in shaping the brand/image of a City

3. Wine - Gastronomic routes

4. Religious tourism in Pieria

5. Monuments, Branding and Cultural Heritage Sites as  Means of Promoting Local Identity

6. City Branding through Festivals: Cultural Heritage, Creativity and Cultural Entities as elements of the brand of the cities

7. The role of media in shaping an image for a destination

8. Digital Cultural Design - Smart Cities

9. The prospects of highlighting Katerini's refugee status

10. Social innovation, solidarity policies and volunteering as a means of promoting a city

11. Sport as a mean of promoting an area


You can find more information about the project on our website