The beginning

    This is how everything started. A group of students from Katerini, inspired by our personal experiences in the cities we were studying and were active in, we had the desire to create something for Katerini's youth. We also realized that the city was never as open and friendly to young people as we would like.


    Our suggestions

    We got to know each other and started documenting our ideas for the city. We have created our own proposals, a youth agenda for Katerini, which includes what we want to see be implemented, what we would like to change.


    International Presence

    Youth participation has no borders! Up to this day, we participate in international conferences by sharing experiences and exchange good practises with young people from other countries, who have the same mentality with as. In this way we create a strong network with partners from all over Europe!



    A City Council Simulation in Katerini! We designed and implemented a project that leads the young people of our region to the familiarization with the decision-making process on a local level. High school students, students and generally young people up to 23 years old have the opportunity through an interactive experience to get a better understanding of the functioning of local democratic institutions, to negotiate and to formulate opinions and ideas.


    Consultation with young people 

    In collaboration with General Secretariat for the Youth, we implemented on March 2018  the Public Consultation with the Youth as part of the formulation of the National Youth Strategy 17-27. The next step is to resume the discussions at the round tables in order to compose proposals on a local level.


    Enviromental Action

    In the framework of our cooperation with Let's do it Greece since April 2018, we have been involved in organizing environmental actions, such as voluntary and symbolic cleanups, reminding the value of consciousness and participation towards a more sustainable future.


  • The foundation

    June 2018

    We are now an association! The Network of Youth Engagement is a registered association on the Court of First Instance of Katerini and our project acquires formal form and features.

  • Youth Council of Thessaloniki

    October 2018

    In collaboration with the Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki, we present the Youth Council of Thessaloniki, a structure that aims to establish a permanent interaction/dialogue between young people and local institutions with the aim of highlighting young people's wishes for the city!


    We continue

    Our team is growing, our actions are multiplying, our purpose remains the same, to enhance young people’s participation and to invest in those structures that will give young people a step and an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions in a safe and productive environment.

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