The Network of Youth Engagement is a youth organization founded in 2018 based in Katerini. Our aim is to enhance youth participation in our local community through projects which will aspire to implement. Member of our association can be any young person 18-30 years old living or has origin from Pieria region.


How did we start

The need of enhancing the participation and interest of Katerini’s youth community for the commons and the regional youth agenda were the main reasons that let to our initial action in the summer of 2016.

The realization of the existing deficiency regarding youth engagement and activism in our area, give risen to the creation of a community of young people with the aim of highlighting a youth agenda missing from local politics. This is why we have tried through our actions to put forward alternatives for the participation of young people in the social and political life of the city and in general. At the same time, we have tried through targeted interventions to contribute to the revision of local authorities' priorities on youth issues.



We aim to create an active team than can effectively highlight youth initiatives as an essential physiognomical element of the local community, reinforcing Katerini's youth-friendly profile in line with the relevant European standards. In addition through our activity, we envision to achieve a transformation of Katerini into a city which integrates and implements local youth policies based always on the greek reality.



a. Organizing actions aimed at raising young people's awareness of political socialization, reflection and participation in the structures of civil society (Youth Working).

b. Enhancing youth mobility through the provision of opportunities to the young people of the region.

c. The creation of a strong community, who is consisted of young citizens that live or have origin from the region, in order to encourage them to take action and to remind them their common origin and the common problems that they are facing.

d. The creation of a youth independent think tank - a platform of youth initiatives.

e. The research of region’s problems (deficiencies, faux pas) in the fields of education, culture, sport, sustainability, infrastructure, tourism, politics, equal access for people to social goods, social and economic activity of young people.

g. The research and documentation of proposals which try to confront the topics mentioned above from a youth perspective and their promotion to the relevant bodies.


Join us!